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  • i ALWAYS have this problem with mine. I have to close and reopen the pdf to get past it. I also get this error Access violation at address 004F0F07 in module 'KeepCM2.exe' Read of address 00000059
  • you need to save your work before you leave the window to a new tab/action button. The Keep is a browser based technology so you have to manually save between moves.
    in Really Upset Comment by LadyN April 2018
  • if you install the bookmarks outside of the keep using the keep's copy in its files directory (while NOT viewing the file in the keep) and saving, the bookmarks are usable.
    in PDF reader Comment by LadyN January 2018
  • I found adobe acrobat 8.1 on disc at a garage sale. I installed this alongside acrobat 11 pro and now the keep works (uses 8.1) but works.... now to find a way to change background color on the keep.
  • I have full adobe acrobat pro installed but I noted that the keep only uses the acrobat reader. Is this intended Ed? Is there an .ini that can be edited to direct a specific program to read my .pdfs like the pro or even Foxit? If not what would it …
  • My installation of the keep does not see adobe any longer. I reinstalled the adobe reader and the keep still errors saying that I don't have a pdf reader installed... any suggestions here?
  • Hey Ed, is there any way to link multiple .csd pages? Basically what I would like to do is make a csd file of say "spells" and have a way of making them into a database for making spellbooks. Is this a feature that I can also link to IPP3 or IPP4? I…
  • I installed this code and ran. On run #3 i got this error. Magic Items (Invalid expression: if( 1d100
  • I thought that Table names could not contain spaces.
  • One thing I have always wanted to have in my Keep is databases with printing functions. I would love to have databases of Spells, magic items, gear, magic item abilities, mutations, encounters, adventure locations, vehicles, etc. Ideally these datab…
  • Question of Post installation. I work on many different PCs (15 at home alone). The USB flash drive changes letters from system to system. I used the portable install but i have to keep changing the drive letter on it when I change to a new pc as it…