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  • Right-Click on a body, select Properties, select the Orbital Properties tab, then copy each value to a separate document (I use Notepad). Repeat these steps to the new body, copying the values from your doc to the appropriate field. Finally add or s…
  • L4 & L5 are easy enough, just copy all of the orbital for the primary & make it 1/6 of the orbit ahead or behind. L3 is the same, just half way ahead in the orbit. L1 & L2 you just have to fake it
  • Just a thought, either click "retrograde orbit" or add 180 degree orbital or axial tilt. It's what I do.
  • The mini window has a double line icon in the lower right hand corner. Clicking that will make the planet view fill the right hand pane and the planet does rotate. You can set the rotation for real time or accelerated. You can also zoom in and out a…
  • I can answer the first question. The image that you see in the PiP is the screen map of that planet. I took a rectangular map of green Mars and loaded it. That showed up in the "globe" mode.
  • With the ability we have now to screen mirror to a large television this is a great resource for GMs and players. However, in System View the planets are fairly hard to see. Would it be possible to have a "cartoony" display option where the planets …
  • It all depends if you are using Astro 3 or not. This what a binary planet or "planet system" looks like in Astro 3.
  • I had thought to request customization as well. Specifically the ability to define length of year, month, and week in days, length of day in hours or minutes, and the ability to define the number of days in each month, any intermonth days (such as f…
  • Very, very nice! So if you need to roll up a D20 / D&D character it works like this: Table: D20Attributes [@6 Roller with 1d6, 4, 1 >> implode]
  • I should be the one apologizing. You were perfectly clear. I shouldn't post when I'm REALLY tired. I DO think very small satellites for tidally locked worlds are possible but not as common as the random generator creates them.
  • As a physicist, you will find that most moons of gas giants will be tidally locked unless they are A) fairly large, recently captured or C) are in a far orbit. As for a script to locate and remove these, I don't have a clue. Good luck!
  • I would love to see a script like that as well. My FTL travel is roughly based on the Alderson Drive from Jerry Pournelle's novels.
  • For that matter, I created a 10 LY sector (subsector the way I organize things) on lowest system density and was getting 20-30 systems myself. Seriously? If you look at the stellar density near Sol, you can get from 0 (yes zero) to maybe 15 stars. I…
  • brothercool wrote: Try this: Multiple,5,Sirius,6.224840505,-1.32641943,5.758164231,,,,,, Star,5,Sirius A,0,0,0,1.99,,,A1 V,, White Dwarf,5,Sirius B,0,0,0,1,,,DA2,, To explain the above, the first line tells the program that all other entri…
  • Ed_NBOS wrote: A Planet with a rotation of 0 rotates at a rate equal to its orbital period. Which orbital speed is used for Planet Systems; their orbit of the primary (star) or their orbit of each other? It should be the second. Sorry if I'm…
  • Then test this to see if it happens to you: Create a Planet System, give them a rotation and axial tilt of 0, turn on Axis display and see if the axes are perpendicular to the actual axis. On my version the axes are horizontal not vertical and are…
  • And now that I purchased the full version of AS3, I am still having these issues. Points 1 & 3 are mildly annoying, but point 3 appears to be a valid bug or programming glitch.
  • Yup! It's called "The Verse in Numbers 2.0" made by the good folks at Quantum Mechanix (it's a free download by the way). They made it for their Complete and Official Map of the Verse. They also have an Atlas of the Verse.
  • I would be VERY interested in a player viewer (one that hides GM Notes of course and can designate systems and worlds as explored/unexplored).
  • Astro 2 had a great map of the Sol System with stars in a 20 light year radius.
  • The previews look gorgeous guys! Were you able to add the ability to create a marker/object (such as a Jump Point) that DOES NOT rotate around its primary?
  • Well if you have NOT seen the previews by now, go check them out. Gorgeous! Great work guys!
  • I had a similar problem a while back. From what I could tell Astro 2 does NOT like punctuation or special characters. My problem was a colon in the Political Affiliation field that caused all of those systems to disappear when switching to them with…
  • Alternon wrote: I always assumed it was bond albedo, as Astro 2 can calculate fairly decent approximations of surface temp. Oops, I meant visual albedo not bond albedo. If you look at the sample file that comes with Astro 2, the Local Stars fil…
  • I always assumed it was bond albedo, as Astro 2 can calculate fairly decent approximations of surface temp.
  • Hey Ed, any chance of an ETA or status update please? I'm really looking forward to this. Also, has a price been determined?
  • Is there any chance that the System Diagram will have the capability of selecting and showing a ship's flight path by selecting the origin and destination? For example, you select Earth as the origin and Mars as the destination and the flight path i…
  • I was thinking it would be nice to have more options for the "Show System Diagram" feature. Specifically I would like to be able to change the default object icons and their size. An example would be larger bodies, maybe using their surface maps to …